the forest ain't always yr friend

from by Thy Courage Quail

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a dull dark winter and we're
snowed in with no supplies
look out the window where we
should see an endless sky
behold! an ocean of white
with bloodshot weary eyes
we're turning on ourselves
and lift the plaintive cry:

is this the quaint rustic retreat
we made beside the river's bend
or have we learned at great expense
the forest ain't always your friend

well may we die on the ground
beneath the weight of the stars
or should we die in the air
beneath the crush of the ground
directionless as the void
that was and always remains
behind the whirring machinery
of this place

and have you heard the call to arms
that sounds across the forest floor
the key to harmony is living in
a constant state of war

the forest is not your friend
its taste is perfect indifference
like chalk outlines where bodies lay
we pretend
to understand
grasping nothing
and mocking love...


from goblin's gate, track released April 15, 2010




Thy Courage Quail Maine

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